Xrated live chat room

Rather than use the lists to confirm that potential customers had valid cards, the defendants debited the cards for Web site services the cardholders had never used.

And though HBO just officially renewed the show for a fifth season even before the fourth season premeire has aired, Dunham knows all good things must come to an end. "We all love this job and recognize that we aren't likely to get such a great gig again anytime soon," said Dunham, when asked if she has an end point in mind.

I wouldn't be surprised if Meerkat sells to Facebook or Microsoft sometime in the next year or two.

Whatever you choose, watch out for your data plan—this shit will gobble it up in no time—and be on your best behavior, because you'll never know when you'll be on camera, live.

Will things like that attract users, or drive them away?

People are already streaming movies likewhile they're sitting in the theater, but companies have been surprisingly cool about it so far.