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He got another guy who said, ‘OK, you have a tumour on your bladder.I can operate tomorrow’.” He added: “Being the old dope fiend I am, I start to negotiate: I’m on the road, an eight-month tour, we’ve got to do this later. So this oncologist knelt down beside my bed, looked up at me and said, ‘This is a chance. Do you know how many people get this chance when we see the cancer early like this?David Gahan (who more than likely has a second name since all his brothers and sisters do but has left it out) was born on in Chigwell.Similar to Fletch's and Martin's story, there are different places (Basildon, of course, and quite often: Epping) mentioned regarding where Dave was born, but Dave himself said "Chigwell" in two or three different articles.When I sent it back to Rich, he was blown away by what I'd done over the guitar chords he'd given to me and it started the process between us. In the past, especially in the "Violator" and "Songs of Faith and Devotion" period, I felt like Martin was writing songs about me or for me. But we had those same doubts, and quite often seemed to experience the same weird, dark sense of humor. It's impossible to deny that happening around you when you really kind of let go of trying to control things. Gahan: I think some of that stuff comes from the way I used my voice. It's very cinematic and I get this feeling of space. I listened to David Bowie a lot when I was a teenager.

Dave Gahan: It's interesting that you said that about the one good idea. The stuff with Rich was a different process for me.

But it was miserable."[3] He always thought his stepfather, whose surname he got, was his real father.

(By the way, Gahan is Irish and pronounced 'Gaan'.) "But my blood father has Malaysian ancestors.[4] My stepdad died when I was nine."[5] (Other sources quote he was seven.) Dave's two younger half-brothers, Peter Eric, born in 1966, and Philip Michael, born in 1967, come from his mother's second marriage.

British musician, a member of the rock group Depeche Mode and their lead singer. and their native England with their 1990 album, "Violator." The band is composed of Gahan, Martin Gore, songwriter and Alan Wilder, electronics, and Andrew Fletcher, who manages the business affairs of Depeche Mode Inc.

They were the first of the big electronic groups, basically a novelty act when they made their debut. An active drug abuser, Gahan entered the hospital briefly in August 1995 after slashing his wrists in a suicide attempt.