Who is angel lola luv dating

(not sure) note Amharic inscription (Ethiopic script) Old traditional style church.

Ethiopia is one of the oldest Christian states in the world, and her Emperors/Empresses converted to Christianity long before those in Northern Europe.

No man as far as I am concerned should lift his finger on a woman. The Jim Iyke that I have known for four years now, is incapable of hitting a woman, so I believe him.”.

No relationship is without challenges – the true test of such a relationship lies in the way and manner you handle things when you hit bumps on the way.” Emeka: Lol, she is hausa-akata na.

From the Orthodox perspective, I would say that this is a perfect church.

This beautiful young lady is Fershgenet Melaku, better known as Angel Lola Luv.

I have told Jim that I can deal with the cheating, but if he indeed had put a hand on her, I would not tolerate that.

lots of landscape and historical photos - please feel free to visit the african forums and check out the CONSTRUCTION BOOM going on in Addis Ababa, Ethiopias capital City!

Gates of Addis Ababa University - founded by the Emperor of Ethiopia and I think is now housed in the old Imperial Palace.

Logan just starred deep in Quinn's eyes "I just realised something" he stammered letting a small smile escape is lips "and what would that be" Quinn question , finally feeling a little calmer " I love you " Logan blurted out "I always have, I just didn't realise until it was almost to late" Quinn felt tears form in her eyes as Logan took her hands in his " I've never felt this way about any girl before, I always just saw them as objects , but then you happened to me , and it felt different .

I don't ever want to be without you, the only time I've been truly happy is when I'm with you, you're my Angel" he finished , Quinn couldn't stop the tears as they cascaded down her cheeks " I love you to Logan, and that wont ever change, when we kissed on the bench for the first time , I new then I was in love with you and I know it now, no matter what happens or what anyone says I will always love you , I never want to be without you either" she sobbed as she smashed her lips against Logan's in most passionate kiss she had ever shared with anyone."hey" Quinn sighed as sauntered into the dorm room she shared with her two best friends Lola and Zoey .