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is a multi-layered story that is brought to life with great writing and enigmatic performances, and has a quirky uniqueness to it that is not normally a feature in your general Afrikaans romances.

The film could have really been a great one, if not for the exaggerated soapie acting from its lead actress Amalia Uys.

Two women trapped in a house where one is an employer while the other is a servant.

Tsubane and Hinda were released shortly after checking into hospital, but Uys had to remain overnight for observation following her wrist fracture.Linda simply thinks Ben is a guy in a band and he goes to a lot of trouble to reinforce the idea, starting a band with two work friends.Once Linda figures out the truth, she drops Ben and this is where it gets interesting because he has to figure out what he is prepared to fight for.He immediately recognises her as his boss’s daughter, although she has no idea who he is.They’re immediately attracted to each other, and, in a frantic and uncertain effort to disguise his identity, Ben lies to Linda and claims to be in a band.