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“Families who have felt alone in their journey of raising a child with Cri du Chat Syndrome can now find immediate resources, support and information.” Laura Castillo, Executive Director, 5p- Society.

“This was not available to me 29 years ago when my daughter Katie was born.” “Learning about each other’s child, their strengths and weaknesses has become extremely educational and has created new and unique conversations.” “We’d love to see more research done on the various genes affected on the 5th chromosome and the correlation with the characteristics of the syndrome.” “Individuals with Cri du Chat Syndrome are Super Heroes and strive to be the best that they can be despite their limitations” Jennifer Wong, President, 5p- Society.

“Awareness of self is also an important aspect of having a child with a disability.

If someone is able to have a basic understanding of their self, and diagnosis, then they are able to understand that their struggles or inability to do something is not a shortcoming of them, but a result of their diagnosis.

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