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The star-crossed Chicago Cubs stormed back, down 3-1, to win their first World Series since 1908 on Cleveland soil. I worked 89 games, including three Watch Parties during the World Series.

For the last six seasons, I’ve been a stadium usher at Progressive Field for the Cleveland Indians. During the season, I got to know a great many talented and exemplary individuals.

I also took great comfort knowing the Cleveland Police always had our backs, especially, officers Big Al, Rob, the battalion of undercover detectives, and retired Cleveland homicide detective, Buddy Kovacic.

Fri., Cedar Cultural Center, all ages, -, The ) The Muffs: The L. power-pop group of the mid-’90s has carried on after frontwoman Kim Shattuck’s short stint in the Pixies and a potent reunion set at the Girls Got Rhythm Fest in St. Stuart and his aptly named band, the Fabulous Superlatives (featuring guitar ace Kenny Vaughan), cover bluegrass, gospel, hillbilly rock and all kinds of classic country with style and authority. They still have their voices, humor and hits, including “She’d Rather Be with Me” and “Happy Together.” They’re bringing Three Dog Night’s Chuck Negron, who can still hit the high notes of “One”; high-kicking Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere & the Raiders; Hibbing native Gary Puckett of “Young Girl” fame, as well as members of the Cowsills and Spencer Davis Group. He came up through the indie-rap ranks, including Soundset and First Avenue gigs locally.

He then crossed over to the Top 40 realm last year crafting poppy songs with hooks sung by the likes of Chris Brown and Bebe Rexha, such as “Drifting” and “Me, Myself & I.” ( p.m.

Tip Link Could 90% of what doctors tell you be wrong? If science can provide so little confidence about things we can see and feel and test in the present, how can scientists’ confident pronouncements about the unobservable past, with all its untestable unknowns, be trusted?

they believe they pitch three strikes against creationists and intelligent-design supporters who claim that the sudden appearance of all the animal body plans at the base of the Cambrian falsifies Darwinian claims about gradual evolution.