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There is actually a third party Service Pack for Windows 98 Second Edition which is still being updated well into 2013, even though Microsoft ended their support for Windows 98 on the 11th of July 2006!Obviously, hardware support from all major manufacturers has ended years ago so if you or your company still run Windows 98 in some capacity, it’s incredibly difficult to find compatible hardware and software for it.This included many improvements and enhancements not present in the original version of Windows 98, notably: The Product Key is located either on the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) or on the backliner of your Windows 98 Second Edition Updates CD.

I was wondering if it is possible to install an up to date Windows kernel on Windows 98 so that it could be installed on a modern PC and run modern apps.

I have an older model computer (dell L550r) running Windows 98SE.

I am wanting to upgrade to Vista but don't now if my system will be able to support.

Windows 98 is a continuation of the Windows 95 product.

The major change is an insanely heavy focus on web integration.