Updating gears of war 2

The update will also allow you to strengthen all of your skills up to Level 6.

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The second map, Security, is a holdover from the Gears of War 2 era.Microsoft said it had been "hard at work" to deliver this feature, which the company says can "really push the stunning visuals of Gears of War 4."It won't be available right away alongside the update, but also coming to Gears of War 4 this month is a new Gear Pack for a zombie version of Ben Carmine, who died in Gears of War 2.The card is pretty gross-looking, as it even shows Carmine's missing innards.Meanwhile, the new Berserker and Last Stand skills for Heavies will give you the ability to deal and withstand more damage with Heavy Weapons when low on health.Several other new skills, including ones for Soldiers and Engineers are also on the way, all of which are detailed here.