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Nearly all 945 boards needed a VRM rework/revision just to support 45nm dual core.Due to a chipset limitation, reliably supporting quad core is not feasible and most motherboard manufacturers never bothered trying.I did a fresh installation of windows still the same problem is going on, then I realized the problem with BIOS.

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my motherboard is also asus p5gc-mx/1333 and planning to buy core 2 quad.since core 2 quad also use socket 775 which is the same as the motherboard,why can't we use core 2 quad on it?

You can even set it to automatically download these.

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First I download the latest bios from ASUS official site No Joy, I tried to boot it with AFUDOS and it says ERROR : CANT OPEN ROM or something like that, I forgot Then I tried to do a research on google then some forum guys says I need to include the command /pbnc /x. From ASUS official website to those sites that also provides drivers for motherboard I've downloaded tons of bios P5GCMX1333P5GCMXP5GCMX1066P5GCMX/GBL( Downloaded them cus I really think I have the other version )I've tried all of these bios Still, afudos wont let me update still saying stuff error: cant open rom file I also used ASUSUpdate to check if the bios i downloaded can be installed to my current bios ( Im not really going to use ASUSupdate to update my bios since a lot of guys on the web saying dont update bios outside DOS it can blow your motherboard bla bla ).

Some guy who has the some problem as me said this did the trick. I tried renaming thousand times and it didnt work for me Im still getting the errors Then I thought I must've downloaded the wrong bios But Im sure my motherboard IS ASUS P5GC MX 1333 My boot up screen says p5gc mx 1333The writings on the motherboard says p5gc mx 1333CPU-Z says mine is p5gc mx 1333WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ONThen i did another research, some guy says that different motherboards from different countries might have different version so you might want to check for any other ASUS official web from different countries ( again, theres another guy that has the same problem as me )So I searched the web for any other Asus websites US, AU, PH, INDIA, INDONESIA, AFRICAI MEAN LIKE . EVEN THE LIONS AND ZEBRAS GET TO UPGRADE THEIR BIOSME AS A HUMAN BEING. I only use it to check if the bios I've downloaded is compatible with my current bios/motherboard version or whatever.