Updating an oracle sequence nextval

@loads_of_( 908,'ORA-00908: missing NULL keyword',null,'ACTIVE',sysdate,'Installation Script',0,'YES','YES',null,null ); *ERROR at line 375: ORA-06550: line 7265, column 5: PLS-00123: program too large (Diana nodes) insert into COUNTRIES ( IBCC_CODE, COUNTRY_NAME )values( 'FR', 'France' );insert into COUNTRIES ( IBCC_CODE, COUNTRY_NAME )values( 'FR', 'France' )*ERROR at line 1: ORA-00001: unique constraint (COUNTRIES_PK) violated Too many connections have been attempted, exceeding the SESSION setting.

Either throttle back connections or increase SESSIONS in or spfile.

In the first example it has begun the explain plan and founders on a 'slect' instead of 'select'.

In the second the 'into' is valid for PL/SQL but makes no sense in sqlplus.

In Postgre SQL, stored procedures can be created using any of these languages: SQL, Perl, Python, TCL, and PL/pg SQL.

PL/pg SQL is the most frequently used language for writing stored procedures.

First three parts translated by Martin Řehák, parts 4-6 translated by Karolína Lehotská, parts 7-10 translated by Lucie Prunarová, parts 11-14 translated by Zdeněk Růžička The Postgre SQL RDBMS, like any true RDBMS, allows users to create and use stored procedures.

A stored procedure is database logic code, saved on the SQL server, and executed later.

updating an oracle sequence nextval-6

This document is designed for Postgre SQL 8.1 or higher There are some limitations on when stored procedures can be used.

There are three solutions I have used for this, you may or may not like any.

Which one you choose depends upon how much work you want to do and what kind of environment you are executing your code from.

There are wide varieties of ETL tools in the software that enables companies to progress and aids in the effective functioning of the software.

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Updating an oracle sequence nextval