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» As a young girl , I remember climbing out of the window of the house we lived in.I wore a bras and panties under a silk top and soft little skirt.It was always late at night, and it did not matter if it was hot and win…» I remember being 9 years old and seeing my older sister coming home from the mall with new clothes. Now I can't wait til she goes back out so I could try them on!!! » Next Glitzy Girlz on June 23rd 2017Glitzy Girlz is an evening of ' T-girl' celebration hosted at the Queenshilling Bristol UK, Inviting everyone, CD/TV/TS, admirers, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, family & friends.With over 100,000 users WORLDWIDE, Hunt Mii Dating App is the number one Transgender Social Network App, connecting a huge number of Transsexuals, Transvestites, Ladyboys, Sissies, Crossdressers and Shemales across the world.

Note: Only adults 18 years or older are allowed to use Hunt Mii Hunt Mii Gold Subscription Hunt Mii is the Transgender Dating App with the most features! The price of your Gold-Member subscription is £3.99The App is Free to download and use. I do feel lonely sometimes, when I have no one to talk to about dressing. Would like to try a party and meet others who feel the sa… This is my first blog so please excuse all of the spelling and grammar mistakes.Over the years I have stopped and started a few times, going…This is taken to mean that that they feel attracted to men when they have got their best frock and high heels on, but when they're wearing jeans and a t*shirt and watching the footie then the longing goes away.Such statements give cause for thought - can a person change their sexual inclination purely by donning a different set of clothes? What could make a woman feel more feminine than having a handsome gentleman on whose arm she can be draped.