The art of dating fanfiction

Even better, she’d been awake enough to have something sweet to drink. Maybe it was because she wasn’t suckling last night, or it was because of the urgent need to heal her…

I could smell Brandon, but he was the only one to leave his trace in the room… but as soon as Sookie’s lips wrapped around my wound I nearly ripped through the sheets with my idle hand. Just the feeling of her taking my blood caused more temptation than her sunny scent or sweet traces of sugar and honey…

I came here as a young girl, Naïve lovesick and stupid... With the well sealed, Kagome returns to a normal life. Working as a model, Kagome's past reintroduces itself. Now forever bound they will have challenges thrown their way; however the biggest challenge either will face will be keeping the two most powerful Inu clan united as Kagome makes plans to ensure that youkai make it to the Modern Era.

I do not own Inuyasha, any characters, or any companies I name in this story, aside from the ones I create from the depths of my imagination. A miko with a determination to break it to help him. If my work is similar to any other it is completely coincidental.

Please list all glitches and productive comments at Can Cero escape with a girl, who can become the love of his life, or stay forever in the Dream, trapped in a nightmare? 2 stars for the good artwork on the characters and the music that while not remarkable is quite pleasant to my ears.

*any writing within my story is of my own doing, including songs, poems and/or characters not pertaining to Inuyasha.

And with this insertion of the past, comes the promise of future love. However, with possible war on the horizon how can one Miko and a proud Daiyoukai accomplish the impossible?

How unfortunate that between them burns a hatred that reaches far beyond the usual war enmity... It's not always fair, but it has a way of bringing you the things you cherish the most...

Lily, being on her summer holidays, had absolutely no concept of time, and therefore awoke somewhere around midday, stretching languidly in her comfy bed and yawning.