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Grid references are not provided, as most of these sites were gleaned from the OS Explorer 108 00 scale map of the Lower Tamar Valley.

Built to serve the Bere Peninsula silver mines; the Middle Lode passes down the hillside to the north-east of the quay, while the little valley to the east contained two 19th century smelting houses.

You can still walk up and see the old courtroom upstairs. New Bern Craven County Public Library, 400 Johnson Street, c. This beautiful building is the design of architect John Peterson.

Visit New Bern ([email protected]) Stay up to date with all the events going on in New Bern, or plan an exciting visit for friends & family. Although it is one of New Bern's more modern marvels, the library organization has a rich history dating back to the 1820s.

She was raised in Idris alongside her older brother, Max.

At some point during her life, her brother left the Clave, choosing to leave his Shadowhunter life and live as a mundane to marry one; this decision made Maryse an outcast among her peers. Because of this, she became more determined to train with a large variety of weapons but found herself unable to use the broadsword.

This served the silver mine of the same name and is presumably of 18th or 19th century origin.

A landing of the same origins as the above South Hooe Quay, this served North Hooe Mine, the dressing floors of which lay immediately above it.

This ignores all quays south of St Budeaux Wharf on the Devon side, as these were not river quays as such, instead being special purpose quays in the case of those associated with Devonport Dockyard and Bull Point Armaments Depot; while those beyond were part of the Port of Plymouth.

This beautiful building is an excellent example of the Georgian Revival style and was designed by a local architect.

The beginnings of the library started in a private home with a personal donation of twenty-five dollars.

When Brian Fargo made the bold decision in 1988 to turn his company Interplay into a computer-game publisher as well as developer, he was simply steering onto the course that struck him as most likely to ensure Interplay’s survival.

Interplay had created one of the more popular computer games of the 1980s in the form of the 400,000-plus-selling CRPG , yet had remained a tiny company living hand-to-mouth while their publisher Electronic Arts sucked up the lion’s share of the profits.