Straight sex hookups in baltimore crusing

I felt inspired by this locker room scene from Dustin and Tyler have entered the locker room and Dustin is explaining this article that he recently read that says if you have risky sex or public sex it increases the pleasure of your ejaculation.

Tyler says he just likes sex, so anyway is fine with him.

Went two days in a row in the afternoon in the middle of the week recently. Just a bunch of dudes in the locker room that put on their underwear with their towels still on after they get out ... Brick Bodies downtown in the Charles Center Plaza is a quasi-bathhouse. Most are serious about working out, but if you get to know them or are just a good cruiser, you can usually take it home from there. I was there the other day and questioned by a Baltimore cop who wanted to know what I was doing.

Pulled in the park yesterday around twilight and saw a guy parked there.

After a few minutes I got out and leaning against my car started rubbing my cock.

The first guy was an older man that wanted a blowjob. I dropped in hoping for a long black cock and cruised for about 15 minutes before I got an older black man to follow me downstairs. Upstairs booths smell of piss and there are no gloryholes upstairs.

He slid his thick 7-incher through the hole and I gobbled it like a ... Downstairs you'll find a couple of holes and the smell is better.