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First let's take a look at the simple update which does not dynamically assign the parameters.In the example below I am using a simple Grid View control and updating the User Name, First Name and Last Name. Read this: The order of the parameters in the Update Parameters collection might be important, depending on the ADO.

The connection to the underlying data source is not yet open when the event handler delegate is called. ) - Next project I will follow everyone's suggestion :) Thanks all Using the Default Value property passes this value to the query. I tried that before (see my commented-out code above) but I tried it again: //Update Order Table with Total of Order Sql Data Source2. And yes, this is the last time I will be using Sql Data Source - It seems everyone recommends a different approach (DAC? Do you have a way that I can track the @original Order ID and @Order Total parameter's value before the update occurs? What would the Table's column type have to be in SQL Server for this to work?