Screen updating hidden in vba

The following code forces a user to enable macros in a workbook.If a user opens the workbook and disables macros, only a warning sheet is displayed and all other sheets are hidden. The warning sheet asks the user to re-open the workbook and enable macros.By using some Unicode Characters, you can mimic a progress bar. Just select one according to how much space you want to show between the bars.You can set the length of the bar by changing NUM_BARS.Last week, we have learned what Pivot Table Report Filters are & how to use them. Today, I am going to show, how you can use simple macro code to change the report filter value dynamically.

Status Bar = False Here's another example using the Status Bar as a progress bar.The bar I want is just a little blue bar moves right and left and repeats till the update is done, no percentage needed.I know I should use the In the past, with VBA projects, I've used a label control with the background colored and adjust the size based on the progress.It is then easily accessible by regular macro commands.When you are later ready to hide the worksheet again (when you are done processing), use this line of code: Of course, unhiding and later hiding worksheets can cause a lot of flashing on the screen as Excel tries to update its screen display based on the commands executed in your macro.