Sccm last logon user name not updating

We have a network of primarily Windows 7 (and Windows 8.1) PCs, and we'd like to be able to report on who is the most recent person to have logged on to the various hosts.

We've got SCCM in place; however, that seems to give reasonable "last logged on" times, but we know that the "last logged on user" is a comparative work of fiction.

2012 Client won’t finish install: The client upgrade process requires that certain values that we have assigned to the client via group policy in the past be removed.

If your machine has problems with group policy processing, you will have the client installed, but it won’t ever connect to the 2012 infrastructure, and thus show “Client: No” in the console.

In order to identify and rectify the issue check and troubleshoot mentioned areas on client side.

On server side assure that every setting is OK as there were results from more than 95% of devices.

There are certain classes in ‘wmi’ of a system which has the ‘User’ info stored.

But with respect to SCCM point to consider is as below: The “Last Logon User”, comes from heartbeat.

So if you have laptops not in DNS at all or computers with the wrong DNS suffix, they will not work with SCCM.There are many ways to skin this particular cat but this seemed like a viable scenario to demo a how to query the Config Mgr database to scan for instances of where this particular user had logged onto a client.The WHERE statement is the condition by which results are filtered. Last Logon User Name and data type text You can also remove the WHERE statement all together and all records mentioned in the SELECT statement will be displayed.Is this a known problem with SCCM, or is there something we need to tweak to improve its accuracy?Better still, is this something we can query via LDAP (for example, using There's no central store of user logins in Active Directory, so you can't just slap together an LDAP query for this information.