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Meredith Goldstein is an advice columnist and entertainment reporter for The Boston Globe.Her love advice column “Love Letters” appears daily on and in the Globe’s print edition every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.SPEAKEASY: You have been offering relationship advice for some time now.What would you say is the question you get asked the most often, and what has been your response?Exes, Distant Friends, Former Frenemies, Former Allies; They had romantic feelings for each other, They cared about each other, They had to break up because of his emerging dark side, Meredith moved on after his seemingly permanent death, Alaric let her go and they remained distant friends.The former romantic relationship between the human Meredith Fell and the former Enhanced Original Vampire/current human Alaric Saltzman.

I thought she might know, and I was lost in the now of meeting someone new and exciting.

For one friend, she swears “one of my exes only wanted to date me for access to the Google cafeteria”.

We all get used in varying ways, whether be romantic or professional or interpersonal.

I know you want to meet someone who’s 40-ish, but it might be a 33-year-old friend who knows your match. Maybe I sound pathetic, but I’ve just started going out and doing things I like to do by myself.

Maybe that 33-year-old friend will turn out to be your match. At some point maybe I’ll run into someone decent, but if not, I had fun anyway.