Reyes backdating

That, at least, is the suggestion being made by some attorneys and governance experts.For starters, they point out that stock options are a key component of executive compensation, and this is the natural domain of HR.Prosecutor the retried the case, winning another conviction.

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The prosecutors claim such an instruction would have no bearing on the verdict, since Karatz lied during subsequent investigations, removing any good faith arguments.

Reyes, now facing a likely prison sentence, appeared red-faced but otherwise showed no emotion as the verdict was read.

Several friends or family members in the audience prayed and fought back tears.

Reyes’ case was not the mechanics of it, the backdating, but the morality of it — Mr. Standing before a packed court room that was filled with his supporters — including friends, family, former Brocade employees, Mr.

Reyes’ uncle, the out-going CFO of Google, George Reyes, and former tech investment banking star, Frank Quattrone (whose 2004 conviction for obstruction of justice was overturned in 2006) — Mr Reyes said: Pausing to clear his throat, Mr.