Real time updating google maps

When a manufacturer wants to release an Android device, they have to negotiate an agreement with Google to get the Google Play Store and Google apps on their devices.

As part of this agreement, Google reserves the right to update the Google Play Services component of Android on their own.

Here are the available url paramaters you can pass to this script: So now we have a 4th option that can render custom text into a custom images from a remote location, on the fly and fully customize all aspects of a markers need styles with no extra markup or setup time.

So, now lets take a look at what this PHP Script (marker-maker.php) looks like: First, we setup a variable called $image and assign it to our incoming query value $_GET[‘image’] (in other words, how we gather what we send as image=… Next we setup a function called Create PNG and setup a parameter called $imgname that we can pass to this function.

Another method is to use the Google charts functionality to make Google maps markers for you, and indeed this can provide you with markers that have numbers on them.

The problem with Google charts however, is it does not allow you to use a custom icon types, but instead you must choose from Google pre-defined set of icons.

There are over 50,000 7.5-minute topo maps covering the entire United States (except Alaska, which is covered in a larger scale).

Update 11/28/2011 Seamless Topo Maps - I have released a seamless version (without the map borders) version of the USGS Topographic Map layer for Google Earth.

In addition to removing the map borders, hill shading has been added using the 10-meter National Elevation Dataset (NED), which greatly enhances the topography and makes it possible to “see” the 3D effects when using Google Earth in off-line mode.

Android 4.4 is the biggest update, bringing significantly reduced memory usage — but, if you have a device that came with a recent version of Android, it probably already runs well and these memory reductions are only nice to have.

Google is updating Android without actually updating the Android operating system.