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But Duo isn't yet without its faults or missing features.Audio-only or group video calls aren't yet possible, there's no web or desktop client, no multi-device support, and no way to share what's on your screen for example instead of what you see with your cameras.The IKEA FAMILY loyalty programme, the use of the IKEA FAMILY card (and any temporary IKEA FAMILY card that is issued at any time), any visits and any rewards under the programme are all subject to the following terms and conditions.You accept these terms and conditions when you sign up to the IKEA FAMILY loyalty programme.But if you’re curious about what Google is gunning for, here’s what to know. Once you install it, you’ll receive a verification code via SMS to ensure that it’s actually you that’s signing in.

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Not because I to see them while I chat with them, but because the simplicity is there and it's enough to make me think twice before opening either app.

But my last few days with Duo have shown me another side to the story.

Duo isn't trying to revolutionize video calls, it just wants to approach them from a more modern perspective, one that builds on our smartphone-carrying habits, our needs for immediacy, and our disdain for complexity.

The IKEA FAMILY card and the temporary IKEA FAMILY card is issued by us and remains our property.

We can end the IKEA FAMILY loyalty programme (giving 14 days’ notice), refuse to issue IKEA FAMILY cards, and cancel IKEA FAMILY cards.