Rails schema not updating

Active Record options: [--migration] # Indicates when to generate migration # Default: true ...Description: Create rails files for model generator.So, to support incremental schema upgrades within your application, you will need to keep two sets of hibernate mapping files.

With the availability of the IBM_DB Rails adapter and Ruby driver released on the Ruby Forge community portal, the Ruby on Rails framework is officially tested and supported on all DB2 data servers.This package helps developers set up and build Web applications quickly and painlessly in the Ro R environment using DB2.While there are a variety of data stores that could be configured in the Rails framework, the DB2 data server brings some unique and outstanding advantages.Mysql's UTF8 support (charset name 'utf8') has been limited to 3-byte characters.This was changed in mysql 5.5 by adding a new charset 'utf8mb4' and creating an alias for 'utf8' of 'utf8mb3' (for multibyte 3 chars).