Problem updating iphone 3g to ios4

If you are in this situation however there seems to be some good news, there are ways to get around this problem by restoring your i Phone 3G instead of updating it.

If your update is taking forever to complete, then the reason for this is that your i Tunes is actually spending all this time creating a back-up of your phone.

Do we have to 'upgrade' or even sack off the i Phone 3Gs and go for a more expensive phone?

Would really Like some feedback as I am pretty confused by it all.

Thank you Lucy I think what they are saying is no we can't update our 3g's but we can now get older versions of other apps in the App Store that will work with the 3GS not everything but some games and apps will do this. I'm tossing my 3G to the garbage, kissing Apple's ass goodbye and getting myself a nice little Android phone: Samsung Galaxy S3 ;) Way to take care of your customers, Apple!

This is where you can set things straight, and restore your backup.To avoid this, it was suggested one restore their i Phone 3G first. You should be greeted with a notice that i OS 4 is available. Before you install you’re going to want to ‘restore’ your device.All this does is wipe your device clean, so that i OS 4 can be installed on a spick-and-span i Phone 3G. Just make sure your backup has run before you initiate the restore!If you are in possession of a recent backup (which you really should be) then you can complete a full restore to factory settings, which will eliminate the need to back-up your i Phone and should result in a speedier update to i OS 4.The same is true if you’re getting error code 3002.