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For anyone who has ever watched Def Poetry Jam on HBO or who has seen the dvds, this is for you. I have been scouring the internet for some of the poetry lyrics by artists that have appeared on the show, but only a small percentage can be found. Because I think it is worthwhile to do, I have taken the time to listen to the videos and type up the lyrics EXACTLY as they are read by the artists.

It increases your risk of diabetes, stroke or heart attack.

Performances also include special appearances by well-known actors and musicians, as well as occasional performances by Mos Def himself.

Co-created by Bruce George, Danny Simmons, Deborah Pointer, Stan Lathan, and Russell Simmons, the show is a spin-off of the popular Def Comedy Jam which began airing on HBO in the 90's.

Steve Alba capped it off with a heartfelt tribute to Stan Hoffman and the Pipeline and gave him a smaller replica fullpipe matching the one at the Skatepark entrance.

The session / demo officially came alive at about in the afternoon.