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These plots were usually identified by local landmarks and terrain characteristics, rather than by the neat orderly lines of an official survey-such as the orderly blocks (lettered and numbered) that define the original streets of central Sacramento.Later, when these lands were subdivided for suburban occupations, those original borders created odd shaped plots and lots that are still a defining characteristic of the landscape.I sent letters out to all of the gear heads I could think of from the area.

However, they could set out fences and markers and occupy their plots by Preemptive Right.In 1998 I asked different car people to do a car show, but nobody wanted to.So that was when I started doing the Central Park Motor Expo.They offer two distinct dining rooms; The grand ballroom with cathedral ceilings, panoramic views, and a wrap around deck can accommodate private parties up to 350 guests for dinner and dancing.The Liberty room on ether 1st floor, is best suited for 75-150 guests.