Outlook updating cached headers

Nevertheless, this is quite a change with how it worked for previous versions of Office as they only got (bar a handful small exceptions) security updates and bug-fixes.Any real changes had to wait for the next version release.Note: I have to use same name for the created images over time.From the point of view of the web-server the same file is accessed, but from the point of view of the browser no caching can be performed.

This article discusses the specifics of HTTP caching and in what scenarios to employ an HTTP cache header based strategy.

Online mode When the Outlook profile is configured in Online Mode Outlook will create a direct connection to the Information Store of Exchange.

This has as advantage that messages will appear almost immidiatly when delivered to the mailbox.

When the connection to the Exchange server is not available you don’t have access to the mailbox.

Cached Exchange mode When the Outlook profile is configured in Cached Exchange mode a local cache file will be created from the mailbox.

Outlook updating cached headers