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Join Now “Dear Sarah Kathryn, Phil and I got married last weekend . The are so happy together and thank you for introducing him to me . I hope you clients can find love like Phil and I did!

” Do you find it difficult or impossible to meet singles that are relationship minded?

We're not a factory churning out dates, but we do believe in "continuous learning for continuous improvement." UPFRONT FEE STRUCTURESWhen "shopping" for the right matchmaker, it's important that you understand what the fees are before you invest in an in-person meeting.

This is the one part of the process where your head should definitely rule your heart.

Why Matchmaking in Atlanta is Different For Women There are many reasons why matchmaking in Atlanta is different for women.

Atlanta has a number of unique and frustrating dating challenges. This is a topic of discussion among many of my friends: Where, oh where, can you meet that person of substance—someone you would consider dating long term?!

While you go about your daily life, we get to work narrowing down the search, carefully selecting, screening, and interviewing beautiful, high caliber, single women that you will be excited to meet.

As an Atlanta native, I make sure our entire staff – me included – stays current (like up-to-the-minute current) and immersed in our city's culture.Do you find it difficult or impossible to meet singles that are relationship minded?Do you complain to your friends that “all the quality singles” are taken?If you’re looking for love and/or new single friends, definitely try 8at8 or their sister company 1on1 matchmaking. Looked at their store front countless times as I sat at the traffic light at Roswell Rd and West Paces Ferry and finally picked up the phone to join. Once I joined 8at8, Jennifer got me involved in some 1on1 dates and that’s how I met my husband… Couldn’t be more thankful to her and Sara Kathryn for a fantastic experience.Don’t hesitate in making this investment in YOU and true love!