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Room: Manuel Falla The well-established Stereotype Content Model (warmth, competence) has recently been complemented by a data-driven ABC model (agency, conservative-vs.-progressive beliefs; communion as emergent quality). Proponents of both models engage in a constructive dialogue regarding the boundary conditions of both models. It's also a biblical name referencing one of the most important figures in the Old Testament whose 12 sons spawned the 12 tribes of Israel.Famous namesakes: Athlete Jacob Bell, Actor Jacob Vargas, Actor Jacob Young 4.

Germany221/7202 Refining the ABC model of spontaneous group stereotypes: C is an independent dimension There is a debate whether or not people spontaneously use warmth stereotypes to mentally organize groups. The first two presentations demonstrate that self-enhancement and narcissism can undermine interpersonal interactions and evaluations. The negative evaluations associated with the self-enhancing claim were mediated by trustworthiness, narcissism, and threat to self-worth. We present four studies suggesting that warmth is in fact a primary dimension of social perception. Lindsey Cameron Senior Lecturer in Psychology, School of Psychology, University of Kent, Kent, England Room: Dinner 1We highlight the dynamic interplay between self-perceptions and interpersonal processes. Two experiments demonstrated that participants who read a self-enhancing claim evaluated the claimant more negatively than participants who read a non-self-enhancing claim. Germany.221/7203 Being primary doesn’t mean being shared: Toward a consideration for the psychological meaning of warmth According to the ABC model, participants neglect warmth in their representation of social groups and focus instead on agency and beliefs. Results suggest similar pathways to victimization compared to native youth once the phase transition of resettlement has been successfully managed. Titzmann Professor, Department of Psychology, Leibniz University Hannover and University of Zurich221/9905 Discussant The discussant will note central themes developed across the presentations, drawing out the contributions this specific research has made to the field, identifying current and future directions of the study of prejudice in children. USA.221/16101 The Dark Side of Self-Enhancement: Why is Self-Enhancement Associated with Negative Interpersonal Evaluations? As a short form of William, Liam has just the right amount of charm and strength to make it all the way to the #1 spot.Famous namesakes: Actor Liam Neeson, Actor Liam Hemsworth, Singer Liam Payne 3.