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As part of the Government ICT project, the Montserrat National Trust is continuing its programme of cataloguing and digitistaion, which began in 2014 under the British Library funded Endangered Archive Project.Books of Deeds from the Government Registry Container have been prioritised for this project, as well as the Trust’s own archives and historic records, which include the Sturge Family Collection.There appear to be 37 volumes of 18th and 19th century registers in total in the container, covering the years up to 1892.Some of the volumes are very fragile, and show signs of water damage and insect infestation.We will take the train from London to Southampton (or should we train in closer to Bodmin?) I was wondering if the National Trust membership (which has free parking for members at their sights) makes it more advantageous than the English Heritage membership?With over 120 photography shoots every year you will always find new material available on our site.

From other comments on this site, we are thinking of avoiding the Land's end area (it sounds rather exploited! Archive records reveal a history of the community movement to preserve significant places for all Australians.Battles fought and work undertaken to save individual buildings, landscapes, cemeteries, and industrial and move-able heritage items in New South Wales can be seen in records, images and Trust publications.Books of Deeds for 1762-1765, 1772, 1787-1792, 1792, 1811-1815, 1819, 1829-1832, 1839-18-1860 have already been digitised by volunteers Neil How and Mike Owen, and ICT Cadets Javon Sweeney and John Jeffers.Last month Francesca Franchi, Visiting Curator and Archivist, and Neil How visited the Government container and brought seven more 18th century volumes back to the Trust for digitisation and cataloguing, the earliest of which dates from 1749.