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Many guys do read what you have to say on your profile.Especially men who’ve met their fair share of women with nothing to them but their looks.You need a profile that stands out to attract the kind of guy that stands out.So if you’ve been online for a while and not getting the responses you want, struggling to meet good quality men, and you want your profile to be the best it can be, consider our profile tweak list.One that draws men in and entices them to want to meet you.

You want to convey to the few quality men out there that you are different, you are more interesting, and you are worth meeting. I’m sure that is true in regard to some men, but not all.If you truly want to attract a quality person to date, eliminate any whinging and anger.If you find it hard to understand why venting about your ex is a bad thing, put the shoe on the other foot.And that’s the kind of woman they are looking to avoid.who is better, smarter, more interesting and otherwise more desirable, you should realize that it takes a better profile.