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They Spokeo Tony's initial 513 number, and there is zero information associated: no name or sex. So then they Spokeo this Diana and find two associated relatives, including someone named Anthony Thomas, and a different address for this dude.Browse thousands of Cincinnati black personal ads and black singles — all completely free.You won't find a better Cincinnati free online dating site. Then they Google "anthony thomas cincinnati" and the first result is a mug shot of someone by that name who was arrested in 2011 (around the time Antwane started talking to Tony). Anyway, Nev and Max decide this mug shot guy is Antwane's Tony, and then they discover that if an inmate places a call from a big prison, it's via VOIP and thus the number will show as a private number. But there are at least twenty-five other people named Anthony Thomas with listed numbers in Cincinnati. Max and Nev hook back up with Antwane and Carmen, his cousin, who is actually the person who contacted the production because she was concerned about Antwane.No one's going to point out how generic a name "Anthony Thomas" is, and that there could be lots of law-abiding Anthonies Thomas in Cincinnati? "It's not ridiculous to think that Anthony's in a minimum-security prison," says Nev. In response to the big mug shot reveal, Antwane says he's ready to give up and change his number, because he's scared: "I'm just going to leave it alone. I'm not about to do it." Seeing that they're about to lose Antwane (and the episode), Nev backpedals that this is just all they've been able to find out with their extremely limited investigatory abilities (I'm paraphrasing), and that Antwane probably just needs to meet Tony. Because I'm pretty sure that's what I heard -- several times, so I could transcribe it.