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Along with Harvard theologian Harvey Cox, he spearheaded the field of secular theology and, like William Barclay, he was a believer in universal salvation.

Robinson wrote several notable books, the most famous being Honest to God in 1963.

He was a lecturer at Trinity College, Cambridge, and later Dean of Trinity College until his death in 1983 from cancer.

Dr Robinson was considered a major force in shaping liberal Christian theology.

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When the New Testament was written is a significant issue, as one assembles the overall argument for Christianity.

In his long career as Bishop Suffragan of Woolwich, Assistant Bishop of Southwalk, lecturer in theology at Cambridge University, preacher and author, Bishop Robinson's writings and actions challenged the established theology of his church.

Robinson, the Anglican theologian whose unorthodoxy drew the wrath of traditionalist leaders of the Church of England, died Monday night at his home in Yorkshire, England. The death was announced by a church spokesman in London, who said Bishop Robinson had suffered from cancer for some time.

They formed the begining of a process of trying to relate Christianity to the secular world of nonbelievers, like the ''God is dead'' movement in the United States. Arthur Michael Ramsay, then the Archbishop of Canterbury and the church's spiritual leader, denounced Bishop Robinson's proposition that God could no longer be envisioned as being ''out there'' in a three- tiered universe.

Jesus, Bishop Robinson maintained, was primarily a ''man for others'' rather than a divine figure, and he held that miracles simply were beyond the realm of physical possibility.