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For me, not for anyone else, because I want to look in the mirror and think DAYUMMMM GIRL YOU FLY!Although right now I'm not *100% happy with my body, I've decided to turn any negative energy into positive and love what I'm working with, after all you only have one body, and yeah, it might not *always look exactly how you want it to, but that's how it looks so learn to love the skin you're in.I decided to go with slimming world to help me with this – I do want to lose a little bit of weight (about a stone) but I mainly want to start cooking again and actually consistently eat fruits and veges.

Either way, this sandwich is so fresh, it's like taking a picnic with you everywhere you go. This Patron-infused chocolate cake has all the classic flavor of tequila without the alcohol, making it perfect for dinner parties or get togethers. Traditionally served with cherries, this plum clafoutis is a French inspired dessert that is simple to make and simply delightful!

I’m grateful to photograph weddings all over the world and be known as an international and destination wedding photographer.

My intention as your wedding photographer, be it in Edmonton, the Rocky Mountains or across the ocean is to remind you that your wedding day, as big as it feels, is made up of small in between moments. If you find yourself falling in love with my work and approach to wedding photography, I couldn’t be more excited and would love to chat about your wedding day in more detail.

I’ll be going more into the personal ones as I’m sure career and work goals aren’t too exciting!

Get the food sorted with Slimming world I talked a little while ago about my exercise routine which I feel like I really got down in 2016. Exercise is easier to fit into my ever changing travel and routine, but keeping a food plan down? I never really know where and when I’ll be home week to week but I’m determined to give it a go and no longer survive on a combination of chocolate croissants, cheese toasties and pizza.