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I blogged about random shit: athletes, movies, stuff that I don’t have nearly enough feeling for to blog on. Later in the year, I considered giving up the venture because I felt it to be a waste of time.

I mentioned this to Ankh, and her advice was simple yet powerful.

I started blogging April of 2010 at the behest of Ankhesen.Here you will find the otherworldly beauty of Veronica Lake; the ethereal grace of Ava Gardner, Ginger Rogers and Gene Tierney; the sultry, smoldering sensuality of Gypsy Rose Lee; and the irony of Eva Braun Hitler, who looked like an angel consorting with a demon.And at the bottom of each page, you will see the woman we have nominated as the most luminous beauty of all time ...I had to spend a little time thinking about that; because while I know who I am as a whole, I can only blog about certain parts of me.Once I understood that, I could focus on blogging about subjects I like and that which I love above everything else.