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(KTHV) - Arkansas legislators are threatening to defund an Arkansas Tech University department over a sex education event called "Sex on the Lawn."The event was held by Spectrum, an LGBTQ organization at Tech, that said the event looks to "provide knowledge about practicing safe sex for everyone."But, Representative Trevor Drown (R-Dover) claimed it's the name of the event that isn't going over well with people in the River Valley.

Drown filed a proposed amendment to House Bill 1213 which would effectively take away all funding from Arkansas Tech's Department of Diversity and Inclusion.

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It's long been debated whether the Super Bowl is the biggest single driver of sex trafficking in the U.

Researchers from Arizona State University studied online sex ads for 10 days surrounding last year's Super Bowl in New Jersey, and found that ad volume spiked leading up to the event, and dissipated afterwards.

At least half appeared to involve sex trafficking victims.

The amendment reads: Now, students and professors at Tech are up in arms.“Taking away a department that's only goal is to help increase diversity and help promote inclusion on campus doesn't make sense to me,” said student Emma Scarbrough.

One previous study surrounding the 2014 Super Bowl in New Jersey concluded that more than 83.7 percent of the ads screened likely involved sex trafficking victims, including 5 percent who were minors.

Related: Flight Attendants Train to Spot Human Trafficking "It is possible that lawmakers, researchers, law enforcement and first responders who overcommit to Super Bowl are missing other events or occurrences of large-scale activity related to sex trafficking," said Emily Kennedy, one of the report's researchers and CEO of Marinus Analytics, a startup that assists law enforcement agencies working on human trafficking cases.

Previous research has shown that traffickers and pimps use online classified services like to advertise their victim's sexual services.

In an effort to combat the illicit business of human trafficking around large sporting events, The Mc Cain Institute Decision Theater established a platform for increasing awareness of the incidences of sex trafficking around major sporting events. Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, Director of the ASU Office for Sex Trafficking Intervention Research and Thorn – Digital Defenders of Children, the Decision Theater Network gave legislators and law enforcement officials with a tool to examine real-time data on sex trafficking at Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix.

This project reflects the multi-disciplinary aspect of the Decision Theater Network by convening the fields of humanitarian action, social work and law enforcement, while leveraging the use of technology, data collection and data visualization.