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Many say they hate the ads with the "huge" tagline, but you have to admit, you can't forget it.It's just "huge." Fuccillo started in the car business back in 1980, two years after attending Syracuse University on a football scholarship.He's owned automobile dealerships in California, Nevada, New Mexico, and the Carolinas. He started his Fort Myers store last year and as luck would have it high gas prices, and a shall we say "huge" inventory of Kia vehicles have done well for Fuccillo. Caroline Renfro, the gal who never gets to finish the TV commercials before Billy says, "It's HUGE, Carolyn, It's HUGE," has been acting in the Fuccillo commercials for many years. C., and has done other car dealership commercials other than the "huge" ads for Fuccillo, including ads for a Greensboro, N. Now his voicemail is over capacity, so I’m wondering if that mailbox is being checked.) Her name is, But that finding could be the result of someone just throwing that last name out there on the Internet, tying it to the Caroline in the “Huge” commercials, and causing us (me, other Internet searchers) to make all kinds of assumptions.

Fuccillo's company, It's Huge Inc., did not admit any wrongdoing as part of the settlement.The company and the 18 Fuccillo dealerships named in the lawsuit agreed not to market the Auto Theft Security Discount anymore.The litigation attorney for Fuccillo's company referred questions to another company lawyer, who did not respond to a request for comment Wednesday.” (this needs to be muted) reaction due to his aggressive tone and outrageous antics on camera.For an average tv-watcher, he will appear somewhere between 2-10 times per night.