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The news media, too, generally has celebrated the photo.

ABC found the snapshot so historic that the news organization juxtaposed it with the most famous homecoming picture in U. military history — Alfred Eisenstaedt’s photograph for Life magazine of a sailor dipping and kissing a nurse during spontaneous V-J Day celebrations in Times Square on Aug. A New York Daily News story began this way:“A photo of a gay Marine locked in a passionate welcome home kiss with his boyfriend has gone viral, sparking a groundswell of support from backers of the military’s policy of allowing openly gay men and women to serve in the military.”Positive, negative comments Sgt. Wells said: “A friend asked, ‘Can we post it on the Gay Marines Facebook page?

Regardless of whether it is elementary school, high school, higher education or life-long learning, the educational process is more successful if the appropriate pedagogical, didactic and methodological principles are applied and observed .

Although in adult education, such as that of university students or company employees, it may seem that how education is conducted is less important in comparison to what the content of education is, we should bear in mind that it is exactly those categories of learners that face the need to master relatively large quantities of information and complex skills in short time, and that afterwards they have to apply them in solving specific problems, research and business practice.

It will probably not be very difficult for the instructors, lecturers, tutors and mentors with basic pedagogical education and are motivated to apply it, to design learner-centred and adapted types of online education.

However, we recommend to those who did not previously acquire this knowledge, to start gradually studying books on pedagogy, attend courses on that topic at least from time to time, and use relevant Internet sources and other people’s experience in online instruction.

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Since distance education uses standardised, automated and usually insufficiently flexible systems for information presentation, interaction with the participants and knowledge evaluation, it is important to select and model effective methods of their application which avoid possible defects and difficulties in online instruction and emphasize comparative advantages in relation to traditional instruction and teaching.For effective design of online education you should study different didactical concepts and choose the instructional design approach which is synchronized with (a) educational organization goals, as well as the goals of instructor/teacher; (b) needs and characteristics of students; (c) available resources; (d) social environment and customs; (e) contemporary technological trends in distance education. Now, how in the hell did such a prestigious fella end up gracing the pages of the Dreamin’ Demon? On June 23, a detective engaged in an online conversation with Lombard.which relies on application possibilities of internet technologies and suitable models of instructional design.Earlier roots of e-education didactics have been programmed learning and computer based instruction.