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It does not advertise or promote itself, as is reflected in its incognito location, but relies on reputation and word of mouth to draw partygoers through its doors.

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In the meantime, the short, inconclusive first trial still illuminates a great deal about the Gray case, Baltimore, and the fight against police violence in general. It isn’t enough to have officers on the beat, in the neighborhood.

This purpose of this project is to commemorate and honor lost womyn's space--both ancient and modern.

This can mean anything from lost women's colleges and schools, to lesbian bars and clubs. Seemingly hidden halfway down an unnamed ally off H Street, you may think that you need to know a secret password to enter the mysterious blue door that is the entrance to the Hung Jury.

Hung juries are not unheard of; while comprehensive statistics are hard to find, they seem to occur in around 5 to 10 percent of cases.

But the speed with which Judge Barry Williams decided that the jury would be unable to reach a decision took many experts by surprise.