Htc not updating push pages

This update improves security and provides an improved user experience.

You can update in one of two ways: T-Mobile will automatically push the update to your device sometime between March 18 and March 31. Beginning March 18, you may also follow the steps below to manually Download update from HTC.

Toast notifications are short, text-based messages that appear to let a user know about transient data.

There always exist a chance that you can’t install it automatically, limited wireless connection, your region haven’t got update yet and etc… Download needed OTA package, in my example we will use OTA_M7_UL_K44_SENSE55_MR_HTC_Europe_4.19.401.9_R-4.19.401.8_release_3530703k2bnrc2o7uon82. This combination allows you to enter Recovery menu. Using volume buttons, navigate to “apply from phone storage” option and press Power button. During installation you might need to follow some instructions on screen.

Here are the instructions for gadgets from several major manufacturers: Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, and One Plus.

If you don't see your gadget on the list, try the instructions for whichever gadget is closest to the one you have.

How can I get my page to update with new contnet that I add?

For reference, the location of the repo which backs my page is others, also check the dates of your posts. I'm at UTC 11 and I'm pretty sure the server is at UTC.