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Currently over four hundred lectures, covering dozens of subjects, are available in high-quality MP3 audio format for immediate download. The weekly lectures delivered at the Gnostic Society by Dr. (Click to listen immediately) June 8, 2012 - The Psychology of the Spirit. Running Time Altered States Ancient and Modern Aids to consciousness have so much history it takes 13 titles in this set to cover this controversial subject.

Hoeller usually become available for download – check the BC Recordings Gnostic Society Lecture Series collection for the most recent lecture. Delivered as a lecture at one of the Eranos Conferences, this essay is a seminal work on the deeper aspects of Jung's Psychology. This brief lecture lays a foundation for a Gnostic understanding of this topic. Listen or Download Tolkien and "The Lord of the Rings" Gnosis and Creativity merged in this great work by J.

But even beyond the Messiah complex common in the media, other Gnostic themes are widespread in Hollywood, and we must be aware of the lessons we are being taught.

Learn about these Gnostic themes in the movies in our next article This article is adapted from The Gnostic Gospel.

This is hard to imagine, perhaps, and painful to admit.

When read with contemplation, these nine brief Mandaean hymn and prayer texts offer stunning insights into the nature of the Mandaean Gnosis.

For over fifty years The Gnostic Society in Los Angeles has sponsored activities dedicated to furthering an understanding of Gnosis and Gnosticism. An ancient saying declares: "Memento Mori (Remember Death)". This series of the three lectures examines the broad span of Tolkien's life and work, with special focus on Tolkien’s experience of his imaginative gift. Lance Owens that discuss the creative genesis and content of the Red Book, and explain its central place in the life and work of C.

Yaldaboath was cast out of the cosmos and forced to live in the created universe.

The Bible tells us, however, that it was Satan who was cast out of heaven—not God.