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The great thing about these dating sites is that they are tailored to seniors.

You can be confident that you are meeting other people in your age range because, let’s face it, most seniors don’t really want to date 25 year olds.

Using the right language is important, with figures showing men using the phrase 'physically fit' in their profile receive almost double the number of messages compared to an average profile - an average increase of 96 per cent.

A great, simple and minimally stressful way to meet new people is to go online and check out dating sites.

In the past internet dating was considered something only desperate and unfortunate people would try.

Some people wrongly assume that dating sites are for young people who are looking to live fast paced relationships. The key is to find the right dating site for you because the fact remains they are not all the same.

In fact, these days you can find dating sites designed specifically for one group or type of person.