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When you’re faced with a remodeling or repair project on your residential or commercial property, make Handyman Nate your first call every time.

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Home Care Repair : Easy-twist wiring connections, new parts for old tools, and another way to remove popcorn.Our new Tips App serves up thousands of DIY tips on subjects as varied as carpentry and cleaning, painting and pests, woodworking to washing windows. I paid .99 to access tips that were only available in the "pro" version.Whatever home improvement project you're working on, chances are we have some great tips that'll make it go better. After paying and accessing the "tip," I was shocked to see that the "tip" was just a link to their FREE website. UPD sold the magazine to Webb Publishing in 1977 to pay down debts that would ultimately finish off the company.Robert Maxwell acquired Webb in 1987, and sold the magazine to the Reader's Digest Association that year.