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The crime comes just days after a Lebanese tourist was caught doing exactly the same thing.

Penalties for damaging the priceless monument can be very heavy indeed.

Tilaisuus oli onnistunut ja mieleenpainuva, josta suuri kiitos Kyöstille ja Juliannalle.

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Alfano said he had ordered the expulsions after a "long and complex investigation" into a Facebook account which had posted "countless" videos and documents in support of the terrorist group Isis.

Police identified the owner of the account as a 28-year-old Macedonian living in Gorizia, northeastern Italy.

Ruokailun aikana sekä sen jälkeen musiikista vastasivat isä ja poika Jari ja Jere Rouvinen harmonikkoineen. The group had repeatedly criticized their imam and the local Muslim community for being 'moderates' and open to western influences.Since January 2015, Italy has expelled 121 Islamic extremists as part of its strategy of prevention, including 12 imams.In Hanover in 2013, 25,000 people had to leave their homes after several bombs were discovered in the northeast of the city.Meanwhile city authorities in Berlin announced last year that they believe there are still 3,000 unexploded bombs lying under the city.