Elements organizer updating

To do this: In the future, when you import files that already have keyword tags, you’ll get a dialog box with all the keywords listed.

Check the option below the listed keywords that says Select All and click OK.

In such instances, the Reconnect Missing Files dialog box opens.

appears on items that are offline (stored on disk/drive, not on the local hard drive).

Here are some answers: Will installing a new version of Photoshop Elements over-write my old version? It creates new, separate software on your computer.

The only way I can get Organiser to recognise this new data is to delete the photo from the catalog and re add it.

I am using another piece of software to add embedded GPS data to the photos that do not have it.

When the prompt appears, select Yes to start the conversion process.

Alternatively, select No and you can convert the catalog later.