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Making it hard to accurately predict treatment outcomes when using called Energy Medicine, which has gotten such great results and evidence of Modern Western Medicine that hospitals, surgery rooms, medical clinics, insurance companies and even medical schools are beginning to accept it.

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You can retrain your body how to react to foreign stimuli by smoothing your palms backward from your temples, behind your ears and down your shoulders. But by doing this at the moment you feel that foreign energy affect you, when you feel the anxiety, you will begin to tell your mind, “it’s ok don’t fall into alert mode.” You are reprogramming yourself. Here are some great Eden Energy Medicine techniques.

And also it’s extremely important to have compassion for yourself. Most have video’s demonstrating them, links at bottom of page: Triple Warmer Soothers Benefits: This is our fight or flight response system. It perceives anything foreign as an invader it must fight against, for which it uses energy from other “non-essential” energy systems.

"My life slowly began to transform the moment I picked up Donna’s book and did a weekend workshop with her.

Each week, you’re required to invest about 1 to 2 hours to watch Donna demonstrate her techniques.As you probably know, more and more people are now feeling crippled by the limitations of Modern Western Medicine’s “crisis care” style of medicine.And more and more people are now using, what National Institutes of Health ( that are popular today has nowhere near the maturity of science and evidence that defines Modern Western Medicine in doing whatever they do…You need Java Script enabled to view it with any questions or suggestions.Certificates of Achievement are available through Innersource for some of our courses (denoted by “CE Hours”).