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I posted the link to Facebook, further airing the bummer.

Many took the opportunity to cash in on confusing martyr points, replying sentiments like, “The attractiveness gap is real.

I think I speak for all of the non-model female population when I say, thank you Dan, for your contributions to womankind.

If I had the authority to do so, I'd nominate you for a Nobel Peace Prize.

(sigh) just published an article called “Why I Won't Date Hot Women Anymore” which is exactly as obnoxious and anger-inducing as it sounds.

I mean, before we even get into the article, we’re pretty sure the #1 reason he won’t date hot women is because they don't want to date him. Like, the article should really be called "Why I won't date hot women that don't want to date me anymore".

Anyway, the last days of Cannes were all about Uma and QT.Essentially, the women who were considered good looking were portrayed as full of themselves, and silly: one of the women was “hot”, had a rich father, and called herself a “social worker” because she uploaded photos of herself on social media all day.Twitter users, of course, had quite a happy time wondering what was going on.It isn’t a cutting edge trope — the plot line in which the mediocre- to weird-looking dude scores the smoking hot lady.My frustrations were exhaustively and eloquently echoed in this Vulture piece from Pilot Viruet, confirming yeah, this is an annoying thing many noticed.