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High resolution scan of The 1927 Stevens Model Dockyard Catalogue.

The catalogue is 90 pages long And features Marine engines Steam engines, Live steam locos Steam ships, Boat hulls & all types of boat and steam fittings.

Most Mamod models use simple but effective oscillating cylinders, usually single-acting.

Some of these engines have regulators either in the steam feed or exhaust but many others run unregulated (in the simpler models) or have a simple reversing mechanism to alter the cutoff, thus controlling the power/speed and direction of the engine.

Stuarts are NOT toy steam pieces as many engines in this collection, they are machinist built models and thus more akin to miniatures of the real thing.

Any idea where a replacement can be obtained Best is to search regularly for: 'steam grinder' on this website. Roger Gardner - December 1, 2010i have a schonner model steam train ,lines and whistle and funnel is there anywhere i can contact to replace these missing parts i have dated it about 1890 and got a good photo of missing parts thankyou L.platt - September 4, 2010I HAVE A MAKIE 1981 special edition never been used model steam engine it was to commemerate the Prince of wales marriage to lady Diana 30 cms high x approx 57 cms in length would you be able to give me some idea on the value please thanking you in anticiption L.

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Early models had single or multi-wick lamps or vapourising spirit burners but in the mid-1970s the company changed to hexamine solid fuel which came in tablet form and provided low heat in a relatively safe form.

The range has its origins in 1936 when Geoffrey Malins started to make engines for Hobbies of Dereham.