Dating duraglas bottles

Maybe it will be worthwhile to dig up more dirt in the woods! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: KPyle Subject: Duraglas Bottle Date: 08/01/2006 AM Just wondered if you can tell me what this bottle was used for, and maybe how old it is. It also calls for an open pontil which mine has a round indention like an iron pontil but cleaned up i am sending you pictures did i buy a reproduction or is it the real thing and what is it worth any thing thanks for taking the time to read this skip ellis ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: peggy_dennis Subject: EAGLE DECANTER Date: 08/01/2006 PM Hi, I did a search for eagle decanter and landed with you.We found it when we were camping this weekend and are curious. Marking on the lower portion of the bottle that says Duraglas in script. Markings on the bottom include circular rows of little round dots, the number 17 then the Mark (except it is a capital letter), then the number 6 underlined, and below the marking a number 4. I have an eagle decanter with the word liberty on the front and eagle rare no 3 in a series on the back.

That was way better digging because that’s where people lived. : I have over a thousand bottles, which means something or nothing.The one on the left is a hutch that reads salvo ; berdon candy co, Natchez miss.; we know about hutch bottles, but we were wondering if you could offer some info on the manufacturer (? There is also a crown top bottle "SALVO & BERDON CANDY CO." Candy companies especially in the South often put up their own soda. Digger -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Juan Finocchietti To: Digger Subject: decanter Date: Hi, Digger! And I'm so sure it's not your task to investigate above jars. I'm sorry not to be a help for Malcom, who asked february 2000 above a Decanter.This makes sense when you think how much sugar is in soda. Recently my wife received a gift: a jar exactly like Malcom showns in his picture.Portland was the second biggest city on the coast, next to San Francisco in the mid to late 1800s, L. Most of them are from the late 1700s to very early 1900s when they switched from hand-blown, mouth-blown bottles craft-type bottle production to machines.There was a glass blower with the mold boy producing them by hand – and they never touched it, of course, not literally.