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The research-based bullying prevention training will prepare committee members to teach your educators and staff: Following the initial two-day bullying prevention training, your certified Olweus trainer will continue to provide telephone consultations to your school's program coordinator (a member of your coordinating committee) for up to one year.

Costs of training and consultation may vary by trainer, region of the country, and the number of sites being trained.

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Learn more about the Certified Training Course offered by Clemson University.

Training Teachers and Staff Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee members will reinforce their role as resident bullying experts - by conducting bullying prevention training for all teachers and other school staff.

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In general, a single certified Olweus trainer may charge less than the listed prices, but no more than: For districtwide implementation across several school sites, it may be more economically feasible to sponsor one of your own educators to become a certified Olweus trainer for your schools.Wendy Somers Match maker and Dating Coach Dear Wendy: I have been divorced for 2 years and am finding it really frustrating to get back into the dating world.Are there no decent, intelligent and honest men out there in New Zealand?They will be presented at the booth and will be supported by electronic and/or other media.The University Booth is part of the DATE exhibition and is free of charge for presenters and their visitors.