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In the Big Apple, dinner for two and a movie costs about 5.Dinner for two, a bottle of red wine, and a movie cost 0 in San Francisco, 1 in Atlanta, and 3 in Kansas City, MO.Before you start budgeting for your dating life, take some time to consider what would make this time special.It’s easy to get caught up in the perception that a date has to be expensive, but is this really the case?

Lawyers representing the unidentified lead plaintiff are seeking half-a-billion dollars, according to CBS News.So yes, that moonlit fancy and expensive dinner may have been a blast for the evening, but neglecting bills can have long-lasting and very stressful effects. A budget gives you control over your money, which is much better than your money controlling you.And if you’re worried about the budget getting in the way of your romantic spontaneity, make a place in your budget called “Romantic Spontaneity.” Set aside money every month to treat your loved one to something special.The Associated Press also reported Tuesday that lawsuits had been filed in Minnesota, Tennessee and Georgia.Hackers compromised Avid’s network on or before July 12, according to law enforcement, and threatened to post member data unless the company shut down Ashley Madison. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, attorneys say in a 27-page complaint that Avid failed its obligations to abide by best practices and industry standards concerning digital security.